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Off – Beat Guide to Off – Roading In The US in 2019 (Top 8 Trails)

There is no better way of getting the adrenaline rush and exploring the country than going on an off-road driving adventure. Unknown trails, over-the-top emotions and the ultimate feeling of freedom – what could be more exciting? Needless to say, there is no better place on Earth for such experiences than America. As it abounds with dozens of secret routes, spectacular landscapes, and scenic nature, we are thriving to present our list of the hottest areas you should try for off-roading in the US in 2019.

As you might know, there are several well-established driving routes in the US that make up the must-visit list for every off-road lover. These are, for example, the majestic and remote Death Valley in California and the scenic White Rim Trail in Utah. Now, let’s look at other off-road trails in the US that feature some of the craziest experiences and most breath-taking natural views in the country.

Hell’s Revenge, Utah

Great for: 4×4
Difficulty: 6 out of 10

As brutal, as its name, The Hell’s Revenge sits among our favorite 4×4 off-road trails in the US. Well, and this is for a good reason! If you feel like it is time to challenge yourself at a new level, this driving experience if precisely what you need. Drive on the sleek rock, rock ledges, and sandy dirt, while admiring the beauty of the La Sal Mountains and Arches National Park. Doesn’t driving amidst numerous cliffs and canyons sound like an inspiring plan? If you feel like getting the most of this experience, stay until the sun goes down and enjoy one of the most colorful shows in your life. Note that this trail is not suitable for off-road beginners, and it requires a powerful vehicle and enough experience.

Think this is a piece of cake for you? Set up a challenge and share your achievements with the world in our online off-road community!

Essential info:

Map & additional info – https://www.grandcountyutah.net/655/Hells-Revenge-44-Trail

St. Anthony Sand Dunes, Idaho

Great for: ATV/UTV
Difficulty: 2 out of 10

Dramatic off-road ATV experience and spectacular surroundings? Say no more! St. Anthony Sand Dunes in Idaho have what it takes to be on this list of the hottest off the beaten track off-road driving trails in the US. Tearing through over 10,000 acres of massive dunes has never felt this breathtaking and smooth, while the views and the landscape of this place make you feel like you were on a different planet. Also, there is no better spot for an improvised competition – so, who will become the next King Of The Hill (Dune)?

For a truly full-fledged experience, you can always opt for a stay on one of the local campsites that have all the necessary infrastructure. On top of that, there is an option to rent an ATV/UTV, and even a trailer.

Essential info:

For more details, check Idaho Dunes RV.

Sand Hollow Off-road park, Utah

Great for: 4×4, ATV/UTV/OHV
Difficulty: 3 out of 10

We could not help but add another sand – dunes trail to our off-the-beat off-roading guide in the US. In the end, why not visit them both, right? This spot is excellent for both 4×4 and ATVs, offering a one-stop experience for off-road enthusiast and adventure seekers. Sand Hollow State Park features 20,000 acres of sand beaches, red rock formations and over 6,000 acres of dunes open for open riding. Besides, here you can take a dip or try water skiing/boating and even fishing at the Sand Hollow Reservoir.

Naturally, you will crave to stay for several days – and you totally can do it as there are numerous camping spots in the area. There is also an option to rent a vehicle and enough technical trails for those wishing to train their skills.

Essential info:

Download a detailed guide and a map here.

Kink Glacier, Alaska

Great for: 4×4, ATV
Difficulty: 2-4 out of 10

Now that we had enough of sand dunes, it is time to refresh yourself and try off-driving on a…glacier! This US off-road driving trail is one of the most off the beaten track spots that only the most adventurous souls will dare to conquer. However, it is worth it: just imagine yourself driving amidst these picturesque snow dunes and drifting ice walls. Besides, if you decide to travel on the darkest months, you will also get a chance to admire the northern lights.

The Trail’s length is about 21 miles with the highest elevations of 245 feet, and it will take you about 5 hours to complete the route. Make sure to be careful when crossing the Knik river as there are numerous blind corners and quite a few vehicles passing throughout the year.

Essential info:

For more info check the Alaska travel website.

Ocala National Forest, Florida

Great for: 4×4, ATV, motorcycles
Difficulty: 3 out of 10

If you are looking for the US off-driving destinations that can make up a great weekend/vacation spot with your entire family, Ocala National Forest in Florida is just what you need. In addition to being a fantastic off-road area, it also offers its visitors a whole range of recreational activities: from hiking and bicycling, to horse-riding, fishing, and hunting. As for the driving experience, here you will enjoy 200 miles of ATV / motorcycles and over 81 miles for 4WD vehicles.

Doesn’t it look like a great spot to get away from the daily rush with its hustle and bustle? Go deep in the forest and let your body and soul relax in the bosom of nature!

Essential info:

For more info check the Ocala National Forest’s Page

Black Bear Pass, Colorado

Great for: 4×4
Difficulty: 7-8 out of 10

Now we are talking! The Black Bear Pass in Colorado deserves to sit among the craziest 4×4 off-road trails in the USA, both for its challenging driving experience and the rewarding mind-blowing vistas you will encounter on your way. This 8,5-mile high-mountain dirt trail starts at the elevation of 11,018 – feet above the sea level and features some of the most dramatic landscapes in the area. By the way, there is a scenic waterfall perfect for taking pictures of yourself and your vehicle.

Beware that this trail is only suitable for professionals and be quite dangerous because of the unpredictable snowstorms and challenging driving conditions. So, make sure you are completely prepared for it.

Essential info:

For more info click here.

Hackberry Creek, Arizona

Great for: 4×4
Difficulty: 6-7 out of 10

Well, 12 miles of joy while conquering this rocky trail and a waterfall at the end of the journey – what could possibly be more captivating? Scenic views are here to delight you, while the focus will be put on trying to go through the trail, as it is far from being easy! Anyway, isn’t off-roading all about challenging yourself?

One of the reasons why this is one of our favorite spots for off-roading in the US is the fact it remains relatively unknown to the public. Just like this, you can get the real feeling of discovery and adventure.

Essential info:

For more details and a map click here.

Calico Ghost Town, California

Great for: OHV, 4×4
Difficulty: 3-4 out of 10

Off-road driving with a twist is more than accessible in the US – simply head to Cali and try the taste of exploring the former silver-mining town that has now turned into a point of attraction for many OHV fanatics. Conquer the hills, find undiscovered trails in the mine and enjoy the feeling of adventure. No doubt, a small competition with other off-road drivers never killed anybody, so why not set up one?

In addition to the driving experience, the Ghost town offers a lot of fun activities, from mine tours to shops and restaurants. Besides, there are spacious camping sites and a specialized OHV parking area.

Essential info:

For more info and bookings, check the official site.

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