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Off-Roading in Ohio: Top 5 Trails in 2019

Once you try going off the road, it is hard to stop, and the more diverse experiences you taste, the better. Luckily, each American state has something unique to delight any off-roader and extreme lover. For example, if you are really into the crazy muddy off-road trails, Ohio is right what you need. Its rural areas abound with numerous trails and off-road parks, great for those who are not afraid to get their hands dirty. Heaven for 4×4 and ATV owners, Ohio has something for everyone, from beginners to experienced pros. The majority of the local routes are located within forest areas; trust us, those are some of the most brutal trails you could ever try in the US. So, let’s look at the top five places you should try for off-roading in Ohio in 2019.

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Southington Off-Road Park

Great for: beginners and professionals
Vehicles: 4×4

Not surprisingly, the Southington Park sits among our favorite places to go off-roading in Ohio, as it is just ideal for spending a weekend surrounded by friends and family members. Enjoy 1500 acres of mixed trails for any kind of 4X4, try various trails, obstacles and rock climbing spots and reward yourself with camping experience. As everywhere else in Ohio, the trails pass through picturesque woodlands, which are also great for camping and picnics.

Southington Park offers numerous facilities for off-roaders coming families and wishing to stay for a couple of days. For example, there is an option to purchase drinks and snacks, a kids playground and a bathhouse. Finally, sometimes the park owner’s organize special events, which you can track on their page on Facebook.

Essential Info:

Check their official website for more details.

Wayne National Forest

Great for: beginners and professionals
Vehicles: ATV, OHM

Off-road driving is more than just a way of having fun, it is a lifestyle full of freedom and love for nature. Luckily, some of the best places to go off-roading in Ohio are also perfect for any other sort of outdoor activity. Not surprisingly, the Wayne National Forest is not an exception to this rule. With over 300 miles of trails and routes, you can choose among going on an ATV adventure, hiking, horse riding, fishing, hunting or just camping. No doubts, it is better to do a little bit of everything and stay longer (isn’t it?).

There are three major trails systems: Monday Creek, Hanging Rock, and Pine Creek, with the trail permits starting at USD 12/day. Note that these trails are closed from mid-December to mid-April to maintain them in good condition.\

Essential info:

For more details check Wayne Forest’s official webpage.

Phoenix Off-Road Park

Great for: beginners and professionals
Vehicles: 4×4, ATV/UTV

Phoenix is probably one of the most known and popular off-road parks in Ohio. That’s why we could not help but include this cool spot in our list. With 1020 acres of spectacular landscapes and 70 miles of trails with rocks, mud, and hills great for diverse types of off-road vehicles, this park is the destination of choice local extreme lovers. Besides, as everywhere else in Ohio, here you can enjoy a holistic experience of combining driving with camping and hiking.

Another unique feature of this off-road destination is its caring owners and managers. Although recently renovated, Phoenix is continually going through positive changes and improvements. Private farm and strip mine in its past, this spot is leading the current off-roading activities in the area.

Essential info:

For additional info and dates of special events, check Phoenix Park’s official website.

Tecumseh Trails

Great for: beginners and professionals
Vehicles: ATV/UTV, dirt bikes

Tecumseh Trails are all about the most enjoyable experiences for ATV off-roading in Ohio. Just imagine those 1000+ acres of valleys, mud, and hills waiting for you to discover the conquer each of them. By the way, with the absence of width restrictions, you will surely enjoy the ultimate feeling of freedom. No matter if you are traveling with family or friends – everyone falls in love with this place at first glance.

Feeling tired after hours of driving? Get yourself a USD 4 cheeseburger and enjoy the surrounding nature and clean air. Could you think of a more captivating experience?

Essential info:

For more details, check their official website.

Forbidden Zone Park

Great for: experienced drivers, although still suitable for beginners
Vehicles: 4×4, ATV/UTV, motorcycles

Also known as Wellsville, the Pitts and Yellow Creek, the Forbidden Zone Park is something not everyone can handle, which makes it one the craziest places to go off-roading in Ohio. Simple as it is, FZP features some of the most challenging trails in the state. However, it also offers a number of easy and smooth routes for beginners. In fact, if you feel crazy and hardcore enough, then you are most welcome to visit this off-roading paradise!

Conquering the rough rocky hills and creek beds in the park can be exhausting, so why not rent a camping space and stay for the whole weekend? In the meantime, make sure to respect the surrounding nature and keep it clean when leaving the park, as it has already started experiencing several issues due to the flows of visitors.

Essential info:

Directions: Township High 307, Irondale, Ohio 43968
Phone number: +1 234-517-9052

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